Tuesday, February 17, 2009

While We're on the Subject of Coffee Stores...

My husband works near the Starbucks at Washington and Canal, which he tells me is directly across the street from SBUX's regional headquarters. Why do we care? Because it's their model training store for Chicago, so the service and competence of the baristas there outshines that of any other we've been to in the metro area. By a whole lot. This is delightful when I want my green tea latte done exactly right...which seems to be the Jeopardy Challenge of drink orders.


  1. That's interesting...my training took place in the headquarters building, not the store. Unfortunately, it's true that lots of people take their own liberties with adjusting drink recipes even though they're supposed to be standard. Here's hoping you can get a green tea latte in Highland Park, Grayslake, or Rockford just as you like it downtown!

  2. I really think that the quality went south when Sbux went to the fully automatic machines. I used to go out of my way to visit an older, slower store that had the old-fashoned, knock-the-spent-grounds-out-of-the-thingy, type machine. Alas, they finally got one of the new ones and my Mochas haven't been the same...