Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday Confession Box

I guess since it's Ash Wednesday, I'm feeling a little confessional. Either that, or too much Facebook.

1. I'm not watching Top Chef this season, even though I relish it and have developed a crush on Colicchio. (Bald men are my thing. Food is my thing. You do the math.) I guess I just needed a break from all the lust... not to mention Padma and Gail who are shifty, uncharming creatures.

2. I can't eat anything called a pastie. Forget it.

3. The worst thing I ever put in my mouth was a gritty Polish duck soup at my friend's mother's house on Easter. She invited me to break bread with her family on the high holiest of Catholic holidays, and all I can remember thinking is that that soup is what the waiters serve in hell.

4. I have consumed orange Swedish caviar from a tube and enjoyed it.

5. Usually when I see a beautiful gourmet cupcake, I wish I could just lick off all the frosting and be done with it.

6. I'm a terrible baker because I modify every recipe I get my hands on, and I'm impatient as hell.

7. The only reason I went out with my husband on our first date was because he invited me to Le Colonial. He sensed this immediately and will tell you the story in great detail.

8. I love anything invented or perfected by monks: cappuccino, Chimay, Champagne, brandy. I once ran smack into a woolly Trappist monk entering the Panera Bread on Diversey and took it as a definite sign that God was winking at me for this.

9. My mom drank a glass of wine a week when she was pregnant with me. Explains a lot.

10. I once spent a week in my 20s eating nothing but dessert and drinking wine and cocktails. It was seriously fantastic.

This is only fun if you share some now.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you on the cupcake icing,the monks, and the baking thing!

    My confessions? Well, I have put butter and cream cheese on a bagel together (not when anyone is looking, of course).
    I recall an occasion where I sat on my kitchen floor one night and ate a whole pan of brownies and despite how sick I was the next day, I do believe it was worth it!
    I would rather eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough (raw eggs and all) than take the time to bake it into cookies.
    There is no such thing as too much pork, bacon in particular.
    The most obscene entree I every ordered in a restaurant was a black pepper-crusted filet mignon, wrapped in bacon which was served in a pool of demi-glace and then hollandaise sauce was pored on top of the steak. Had I had a heart attack from this I believe I would have died a very happy woman!

  2. Oh my GOD, that made my night!

  3. #6 - i also modify & tweek recipes and am crap at remembering quantities etc

    #8 - you can add Benedictine & Chartreuse to that list - those monks were truly inspired!

    # 9 - i was conceived whilst mum was perfecting the 'Billings Method' - um thank you for playing!