Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swedish - Norwegian Restaurang! Ja!

One of my Norwegian friends is getting married this weekend, and her rehearsal dinner is tonight at Tre Kroner on Foster. This makes me happy.

Condensed version of long story: Many moons ago, I broke up with a boyfriend at the same time a close friend did likewise. We were 25. We needed a new dating pool. So we started hanging out with the Skando Chicago social club that her roommate had helped found several years prior, and they adopted us. Good move for her...she ended up dating 9 Swedes. I ended up learning two difficult life lessons: 1) I'm really bad at soccer, and 2) Danish men are the shyest creatures on the planet.

The food at Tre Kroner, however, was a highlight of my Skando years. I'll let you know how they are these days.

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