Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DIY Awesome Cookbook Site

While trolling around on Epicurious today, I bumped into the link for making a personal Tastebook - a totally customizable cookbook. Holy hell, I LOVE THIS THING! Why has no one told me about this? Is it new? Have you tried it? What's the deal, people?

In about two hours, I compiled about 20 of my most heavily used recipes from Epicurious, along with several other personal ones that have been shuffling around in various states of dreck in my kitchen for eons. A few more all-stars out of my entertaining notebook (yes, am geek, thank you). A few more from some favorite bloggers...and voila! A beautiful, inspiring, flippy book of about 40 go-to items that I can add to, due to a handy binding that snaps open for expandability. The cover and title are totally customizable to boot. All for $40. Love it!

Only one gripe: you'd think because Tastebook did the smart thing and hooked up with Epicurious, I could import my Epi recipe box straight into my cookbook. But alas, no. Hopefully the code nerds are cracking away on that as I type.

I just can't wait to get this thing in my mitts.

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