Saturday, February 7, 2009

Licensed to Blog

The Dirty Dish has been made a featured publisher of Foodbuzz (!), the first community site devoted exclusively to food and dining. Since starting the blog last month, I've learned a few things...not the least of which is that I think about food and wine a lot more than even I realized. The best surprise has been how much I've grown to adore some of the others writers in the foodie blogosphere. Like, who?

Gourmet Worrier (Australia) - The anonymous Ms. Gourmet's writing inspires me with her thoughtfully crafted posts on favorite ingredients, restaurants, equipment and travel. She's a native of Malta living in Australia, which gives her a rich background in food and wine interests. I feel like I know her, and she's half-way around the world. How great is that?

Gastroanthropology (London) - I knew I'd love this the second I saw the title. Adrienne is a pastry chef from San Francisco working on her Masters in food policy in London. I live vicariously through her when she takes us to London's markets and food shops. She also writes about the history of farming practices and sustainability...which I find weirdly exciting.

Internet Food Association (Washington DC) - This is a blog started by a hilarious group of DC wonks. Because they crank out policy papers all day, all of them are brainy writers. And because they're essentially writing for each other, it's funny as hell.

Eat Local Santa Fe - I'm a native New Mexican, and even though I visit frequently, I miss its tastes, sounds, smells, and spirit deeply. In particular, nothing else is like Santa Fe, where excellent local food and art share center stage up in the heart of the Sangre de Christo mountains. This author is starting a gelateria there with her husband, and her info on what's happening in town helps me feel more connected to home.

I'm sure there are zillions more to discover. Thanks for reading this one.

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