Friday, February 20, 2009

Small World: Emily Nunn's Next Thing

I'm sure you know that I'm loathe to gossip. (Insert grinning devil face here.) But this evening as I was running some errands, one of my favorite peeps in the high-touch service industry and I got to talking about Chicago's food and restaurant news - thus the favorite moniker. She mentioned that one of her other regular clients is the food writer from the Trib who got sacked recently...meaning Emily Nunn and I not only share first names and a lust for French butter, but one of her people is one of my people. I expressed my disdain for the Trib's decision. While I get that blogs are indeed setting the food world en fuego, I think there's a place for really quality food writing in major media. That is, if we have any major media left to speak of.

Alas, when I asked what Emily would be up to, my friend replied, "She's starting a blog."

Right. So obvious, yet so ironic.

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