Friday, February 20, 2009

Stalking the Bouchee: Part Deux

Inspired by her will to blog, Dar returned yesterday to stalking the bouche...which turns out to be a bouchee, a "mouthful" that's typically wrapped puff pastry. Put that in your French notebook. This version however skips pastry in lieu of pure coconut chocolate ecstasy.
Ok, so I just saw that I made your blog, my dear Emi, so I decided I had to brave the weather and venture out for the coconut bouchee (turns out it is spelled with a double “e”) at La Maison du Chocolat. Sometimes the very tip of Manhattan does a very good impersonation of Chicago (we have high winds and pelting sleet at the moment). But, chocolate calls.

So, luckily they had just got some of the coconut bouchees in. It rang up at $7.04 with tax. As I was fishing four pennies out of my wallet, the French shopkeeper asked me if I wanted a bag (which was his way of saying: “we both know you’re going to devour that the moment you get back to your desk, so let’s skip the formalities, shall we?”) I couldn’t agree more.

As I understand it, the bouchee is the French equivalent of a candy bar—this was a triangle about the size of my palm and a half inch thick (yes, my ruler made an appearance). It really is all about the fresh coconut—loads of it tightly packed and covered in bittersweet chocolate. I didn’t really see or taste the white chocolate and vanilla ganache—but I’m sure they were hiding there against the white coconut, tempering the bittersweet chocolate. And, oh, that chocolate—it’s the best part. Needless to say, I will be going back (I may even brave the Rockefeller location since it has a cafĂ©. And, Em, it’s also conveniently located near the Japanese pastry
place…hint, hint.)

She is a natural, oui?

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