Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unspeakable Acts Inspired by the Portuguese

Unsure about dessert wine, and definitely put off by the scary dark stuff in the Port aisle? Rosenblum's Desiree is to Port what oral sex is to an affectionate gesture. (If you flunked analogies on the SAT, just suffice it to say you want some. Real. Bad.) This decadent little bombshell isn't for shy types. It's pretty much dessert unto itself, with a heady zinfandel that's been blended with two Portuguese varietals and then, um, infused with chocolate essence. That's right Virginia, actual chocolate. In the bottle. With the wine. And don't worry. What sounds like a potentially tacky idea is executed to elegant, lovely, gorgeously balanced perfection. I don't know who's idea this was, but I kind of want to make out with them every time I have it.

You can find it at Just Grapes on Washington St.

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  1. Hear, hear! I visited Rosenblum Cellars while in California last spring and brought this very bottle home - surprising as the hubs and I aren't normally sweet-wine lovers. It is DIVINE!