Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Speaking of Chocolate Infusions...

Clearly we suffer from a dearth of ways to get our daily chocolate. As such, our friends the French have figured out how to infuse it with some bodacious black tea, and then spiced things up a bit for that little extra exotic kick. All of Kusmi's teas are pretty gorgeous inside and out, but this Spicy Chocolate one is something special among them.

My friend Dar is a legit Francophile, meaning she can actually speak some of language. Me, I'm more of a poser (poseur?) because I'm just too lazy. Nonetheless, when she sent me a tin of this after her trip to Paris, I nearly wept tears of joie de vivre. I keep it at work to cheer up bleh winter afternoons.

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  1. If Kusmi tea makes you cry, 'Les thes mariage freres' will make you bawl and scream, I have an addiction now to the 'thai Mountain' blue tea. They have a few shops in Paris, and attached are tea rooms. The first time you see the tea menu, it's rather unsetling as it is 9 tightly squeezed-2columns pages
    (biiiiig format pages ;)
    Hey great blog by the way, I love the design very much! :) - and the recipes!