Thursday, January 15, 2009

Group Hug Time

So. Confession.

Half the reason I started this blog is to hold myself to my goal of passing the Society of Wine Educator's first level wine certification exam. I started studying for it in September. (Austrialia is so my bitch right now.)

I tend to get excited about all kinds of things, but have trouble following through with big ideas about them when I realize it's still going to require showing up to work every day and clubbing dust bunnies at home on the usual schedule. I think braniac diva Susan Sontag called the tendency "sipping from a thousand straws." But then, she was "an author, filmmaker, philosopher, literary theorist, and political activist," so she kind of made the multiplicity work for her.

The other half of the reason for the blog is that my husband told me no, I really should start a one that features dirty wine reviews.

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