Friday, January 30, 2009

No Sushi for Lucca

The New York Times just ran a quick little article about how the town of Lucca, located in Tuscany, has banned non-Italian food from its historic center. This is the town that my grandfather's family hails from, which I visited a few years ago with some friends who have since opened a bed and breakfast there. Lucca is a tiny little medieval walled city that you can bike across in about 3 minutes, if you know your way through the labyrinth of streets. As cosmopolitan as I am, I do think a Wendy's or sushi joint would sort of ruin it. Before Lucca, I thought that dark, handsome men in Armani suits riding around on bicycles were a Tuscan travel legend. Until one rolled up to me in front of a leather shop and offered me a gelato. Imagine how conflicted I was about turning down that offer.

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