Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heartbreaker: Sweet Thang, RIP

Zoiks. I just learned that Sweet Thang in the 'hood closed. Sigh. I remember my first time buy Jenn this insanely decadent torte for her birthday. A tres suave fella manning the counter asked in a heavy accent, "Bonjour, mademoiselle." (Pause. Grin. Blink.) "And what... may I geet for you?" Note to the local French Chamber of Commerce: French charm + American customer service = definite upsell to the yuppie lady customer. Once I got myself back up off the floor, I ordered said cake, plus some almond croissants the size of American footballs. The ensuing hour was delightful, indeed.

Alas, no more. Apparently chef Bernard Runo decided to focus on making money with his wedding cake business. And some shady guy bought the name and opened a faux thang in Roscoe Village with shoddy pastery. Ptoo, I say. Ptoo!

This is only topped by the quick and cruel demise of Del Toro around the corner - unquestionably The One That Got Away.

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