Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Going Down in the Next 60 Days

So here's the deal. I've been working on the capital campaign to build the Art Institute's new Modern Wing for well over a year, which means I'm a tired, cranky woman who writes about food to distract myself from the myopic focus, insomnia and general pissiness that such a massive undertaking requires. Despite that, we are a mere four weeks away from one of the proudest and most painful moments of my career - the two-week marathon of opening events that will damn near kill me and most of my colleagues. Twenty-four events in 22 days, to be exact. I'm telling you this because I'm just not sure how much love I'll be able to lavish on the Dirty Dish pages over the next two months. I will try my level best.

On the bright side, the art tribe loves beautiful food, and it's a big part of the Modern Wing's many amazing celebrations, not to mention Tony Mantuano's new restaurant that will reside permanently on its third floor. Many foodie details are under wraps that I'm verboten to share. But I promise I will when I can.

Deal? Deal.

xoxo, E.

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