Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: Red Rooster

I went to Red Rooster in Lincoln Park this weekend with my husband and some out-of-town family guests. It's a tiny, wood-paneled place that feels like a hole-in-the-wall secret in Europe. A little dusty, it definitely hasn't changed in decades - perfect for dinner on a rainy night...or perhaps for when you're shagging your philosophy professor who reads you Proust in bed. The food is old fashioned but delicious, and it's remarkably cheap for the quality. My sauteed skate wing was bathing in a rich caper sauce, with buttery fingerling potatoes. There were multiple raves for the duck confit at the table. Desserts are equally rich and generous. The creme brulee was served in an unsually large glass bowl, and my vanilla mousse with fresh berries was amazing and bottomless. A very nice dinner value if you're after a low-key, simple atmosphere.

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