Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anniversary Dinner with Mayor Daley

As of today it's been 20 years since Mayor Daley took office as the benevolent dictator of our metropolis. Holy crap is right, Chicagoist. In honor of this occasion, perhaps you could celebrate by going to Gibson's and asking for "the Mayor's table." This of course will not get you a decent table at all, but one near the kitchen that the wait staff refers to this way to appease demanding jerks who walk in with no reservation. Gibson's was old school Daley.

For new school Daley, skip that and go to Santorini in Greek Town where he's reportedly been trying to lay off the red meat in favor of pasta, seafood, and olive oil. Don't forget to order an Old Fashioned before dinner though. You don't want to go too crazy with the healthy. For the evening's entertainment, you'll want to get yourself to the Lyric Opera. Which production? Faust, naturally.

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