Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review: Coast Sushi

Coast does just fine for a solid weeknight sushi nosh, but it's nothing special. Maybe I'm spoiled -or possibly have spent too many nights dining in Vegas - but for a place that's so often described as sexy, I find it a little on the ordinary side. Yet it's totally packed every single night. We went yesterday evening after a long absence and found the minimalist interior to be still, well, basic and dark. The long list of sushi rolls offers a mostly typical menu of options, although the quality of our fish was strong overall and I was glad to see that they aren't over-using so many rich sauces as they did a couple of years ago. The BYOB status is clearly a draw - literally every table in the place had a bottle sitting on it. A good meal, but you can get much better elsewhere if you're looking for great sushi.

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