Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raising a Glass to Cook the Wolf

I'll confess, I rarely enjoy the food and wine writing that I bother to read in newspapers. Maybe I'm a snob or I just take eating too personally, but I almost never enjoy what the populist foodie pages are dishing up. Bill Daley... how do you go on? Every time I read a question posed in that column, I want to tell the author to put their bloody pen down and go back to their box of Franzia.

I know, Mee-OW.

Literate, personal, insightful food writing...now that's the stuff. Some blogs have it, some don't. I'm not entirely sure that I read Emily Nunn's work in the Trib when she was with them, but I'm already a fan of her new blog, Cook the Wolf. And I'm not just saying this because we share a first name, a salon, or blog titles inspired by MFK. She wants to tell me about her grandma's mayonnaise? Bravo. I'm all ears when someone tells me of a formative food love. Especially when they know their parts of speech. She wants to suggest turnip perfume? Well.

The Demeter Fragrance Library doesn't have turnip cologne spray specifically, but comes close. How about Basil, Beet Root, Celery, or Dirt? Wet Garden maybe? Or better, in honor of a much needed new direction in life, New Leaf.

I'm personally a Tiramisu + Paperback + Champagne Brut blend. My own grandmother would definitely be Clean Windows + Angel Food + Gin and Tonic. No question.

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