Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Epic Burger

When I bailed off the pescatarian wagon early last year, I was curious to try Epic Burger. I'd been before to the one in the South Loop with some co-workers and was impressed by the portobello burger and the shakes (holy mother of God, the shakes...). But really no matter how you sex it up, a portobello burger is a mouthful of mushroom. Good as it was, it didn't nearly preview the deliciousness that their real burgers deliver. These are pure, gorgeously prepared..uh, meat, with tons of flavor. They're sticklers for using grass-fed beef without antibiotics or hormones, and other forms of real food fit for human consumption. And while a visit there always feels decadent, they give you options to keep it from turning into an epic binge. My favorite order is a junior turkey burger with grilled onions and a fat-free Milk and Honey smoothie. Major burger bliss.
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